Tough Choices Got You Stuck? Tarot to the Rescue!

Hands up if you’ve ever had to make a hard choice and had no idea where to start or even begin to TRY to make that decision.

Have you ever been so exhausted from something weighing on your mind that you felt so discouraged because you either choose to not make a decision or just picked the one that seemed the easiest?

Me, too!

And you know what? It’s a pain the backside.

All those choices, decisions, and weighing it on your own can be a downright pest, right?

I know I’ve been there, and quite recently, too. It’s aggravating when you finally reach that point where you’ve spent far too much time worrying about it, you make a choice that seemed to be a quick fix. Then you’re left with thinking about what you did decide to bank on, and then questioning yourself with doubt – wondering, “Was that really the best choice for me?”

Then, there’s the other side: Procrastination and finding other things that take your mind off of it.

I used to deal with the inability to make confident life choices by binge watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer for two days in an attempt to take my mind off my troubles. After Buffy, I used to spend 3 hours worth of time watching cute puppies and kittens on YouTube as a way to hide from making a decision at all.

Yeah. Been there, done that, and all it got me was a couple of days of  temporary happiness that led to nowhere. I mean, sure, it was nice seeing someone’s little puppy chasing that ball from a machine but…

It had nothing to do with trying to figure out if I should keep my heartbroken rump in Kentucky or head back to my old stomping grounds in Tennessee, when I was going through a divorce last year. The news was a heartbreaker and I spent a crap load of time crying. When it came to me being left alone in that two bedroom apartment, I tried to figure out how to make myself happy.

What better way to have those moments of “Awww! So Cute!” than to watch a herd of baby goats running around in their pajamas.



Adorable? Damned straight. Was it fixing my problem?

Absolutely not. Hell to the no.

In the end, I had to turn off YouTube and figure out what the hell I was going to do.

I spent that time sulking and going back to YouTube – trying to pretend this crap wasn’t happening but it was happening. No matter how hard I tried to distract myself from the reality of the situation. I had been working on how to get through my own anxieties for the six months prior to this horrible news.

That was a great thing in retrospect because I had started hanging out with my circle of friends at my favorite Metaphysical Shop – Green Earth Stones.

I had a reading with the shop owner and she gave me the kick in the ass I needed.

Hey, even readers need readings sometimes!

She reminded me that I do have the power to create my own destiny and figure this out.

In the end, it was a blessing and the way I made the ultimate choice to move back to West Tennessee was by doing one of my favorite Tarot Spreads I had worked on for numerous of my fabulous clients.

I pulled out my cards and using my specially formulated spread, I energetically scanned each choice — staying or leaving. And with the help of my Tarot cards, I had my answer quickly and easily.

From that moment on, a Two Paths Tarot Reading has been my go to for making any major life decisions — and now, I just watch cute kittens and puppies on youtube for fun, not as avoidance behavior – yay!

Can you relate? Are you struggling with any of the following?

  • Moving or staying in their current location?
  • Staying or going in a relationship?
  • Deciding between two careers or job prospects?
  • An overwhelming amount of time spent watching baby animals on YouTube?

I want to help you make confident choices. With 8 years of professional reading experience, I take what I do very seriously and you can rely on me to give you the kick in the ass that you need.

No matter if you’re considering lovers, colleges, or cars — I’ve even had one client come to me and ask if they should finally get rid of their vehicle to get a new one —  The Tarot doesn’t lie.

In that particular reading, she found that she was spending far too much cash in her car and would be better off using that money to buy herself a car she’s been dreaming of anyway.

So, how does the Two Paths Tarot Reading work?

For this type of Tarot Reading, it’s encouraged that there are two clear choices to really get the meat of the issue. It breaks it down into two clear cut choices that are needed to be made.

In the eight cards that I use for this Reading, I explore 4 Key Areas:

  • The Situation
  • Choice 1
  • Choice 2
  • Final Message

If you would like to try this Tarot Spread for yourself, just follow the diagram below. Remember, clear your mind and center yourself before reading for yourself.

I love this spread when someone comes to me (or even when I have a tough choice to make) because it does a help bring you to the realization that you do have control over your life and aren’t just doomed to a cycle indecision or finding ways to distract yourself from what is happening.

You can figure out what could potentially happen from either path and then make your choice with the information given to you. If you had more than one choice, you can add an extra 3 Cards for that choice!

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I’ve found that there are three ways that the Two Paths Tarot Reading has helped, not only me, but others as well:

1.) Fresh perspective

With a hard choice, it’s easy to get stuck in a sort of loop and replaying the same issues. It can also lead to one hell of a burnout which is one reason it’s more attractive to watch Netflix instead of mulling over the same thoughts. It makes absolute sense to watch that cat running up the wall. But with the Tarot, you’ll be able to gain insight to the deeper issues and shed light to things that you hadn’t even thought about yet.

2.) Objectivity Issues

When you’re too close to the subject, it is damned hard to be objective.

Imagine this.

Long ago, I had a chat with a friend of mine about a potential job that I was offered. I didn’t know which to pick and he said, “Just flip a coin.” I looked him, rather confused, and said, “I don’t want my fate to be determined by a coin.” What he said next was very eye opening:

“You don’t allow the coin to choose for you. When it’s up in the air, feel which side you want it to be on the most and that’s how you know which job you want to really have.”

That made absolute sense to me. And that goes the same for a Tarot Reading.

If you choose to do a reading on yourself, it’s hard to be objective. It’s not impossible but it can be difficult.

One of the most positive benefits from getting the Two Paths Tarot Reading is that there is a, preferably, healthy detachment that the ideal Tarot Reader for you has about the situation. They can look into the situation with clarity and they have the ability to become open to the messages yet still compassionate as they convey those messages to the person asking the questions.

Check out this Review from Rachael after I helped her with her situation where I used the Two Paths Tarot Reading:

Susan’s intuitive gifts are undeniable and she shares her insights in helpful, open, and practical ways. An incredibly generous reader, she explored my question with both depth and presence, and offered a level of care and nurturing that set her reading apart as a truly healing offering. If you’re seeking someone to hold a beautiful space in which your deeper questions can be explored, I highly recommend working with Susan and allowing her to support you with her sweet and healing presence!

Rachael of Treetrunkwise Yoga

3.) Empowerment

It can be devastating when you’re trying to make a hard choice that is life changing. It can even make you feel vulnerable about what could happen. The incredible way that Tarot works is that it gives you the tools and knowledge you need to grab hold of the reigns and be in control of where you do want to go. Two choices explored with the Tarot can show you what could potentially happen and evaluates the overall situation  so you can shine as you make a conscious choice.

When you see what the messages are in the cards and go over the interpretations that I receive or the person performing a Tarot Reading for you, you will have a sense of empowerment from a fresh perspective.

I give those I read for a break from trying to decide alone and with a Tarot Reader (such as myself), you have someone there with you that is detached from the situation and can give you unbiased insights.

Just like I did for Christina:

“A reading with Susan is a unique opportunity to make the best possible life decisions. I recently consulted with Susan about a major life decision — moving across the county. I had narrowed down two locations, but I needed help deciding between the two. I booked Susan to read the energy of the places I was considering, and I was not disappointed! Before, I was feeling overwhelmed and confused. Now, I feel a sense of clarity with plans on how to move forward. Please consider Susan for your Tarot reading needs, you won’t be sorry you did!” – Christina Quick of Angelic Realm Seminary

Choices are a part of life and the tough ones can make a person feel alone and vulnerable. With the Two Paths Tarot Reading, I would love to help you in your situation so that you can move forward with confidence so you can achieve your dreams and transform your life.

As these readings super in-depth, I only offer a limited number of these detailed readings per week. Each reading that I work on is customized and no scripts are ever used as I dedicate my time, energy, and skills to my delightful clients.

If you have friends or colleagues who could benefit from help in their decision dilemmas, wouldn’t it be nice share this post?

I’ll see you on the other side and I look forward to helping you turn your confusion to clarity soon!

Love and Light Always,



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P.S. I have a special place in my heart for beagles and I’m donating 10% of all purchases made at my shop to the Beagle Freedom Project to help free and re-home Beagles who are being tested on in labs while they should be getting all the cuddles they can handle.

P.S.S. Every client who purchases the ‘Tough Choices Tarot Reading’ will be able to ask a question about their pet and I will do a One Card Reading with my ‘Dog Tarot Deck’ specifically designed for your canine friend at no extra charge! I will be using the Dog Tarot by Heidi Schulman.

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