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Have you been wanting a Tarot Reading for awhile but not sure what that involves? You’ve probably heard stories about them – both good and bad. Some people call them scary while others will tell you they’re a fantastic way to gain deeper insight into your situation.

The truth is – the intention that you set when going to the Tarot for answers is what makes the difference.

So, what’s my intention with the Tarot and why do I read Cards?

When I sit down to work on a reading for a client, I am focused on what’s happening to you now and how to offer advice on what may be influencing you – either conscious or subconscious. I believe that the Tarot is a wonderful way to receive a new perspective on what’s going on in your life.

Time and again, I’ve read for clients and have been able to help them see what’s holding them back and how to go forward in a more balanced way.

You can definitely turn to the Tarot if you need more insight into:

  • Feeling Stuck
  • Starting a new job or phase in your life
  • Struggling with yourself on a spiritual level
  • Major decisions such as career or moving to a new location

I set my intentions long ago to read the Tarot as a way to improve myself and, now, I am offering my knowledge and insight to my clients to guide them on a path of balance and healing while always striving to be encouraging, compassionate, and empowering so that you can have the tools to take control of your own destiny.

With those intentions, I have my own ethics of what I will and will not read on which can be found at my Ethics Page.

The way I work with the Tarot is by combining them with Crystals to help tap my energies into my client’s energy. As an empath, I can do this either face-to-face or from a distance. My main crystals that I use during work is the Clear Quartz, Purple Amethyst, and Opalite. Though I have many others, these three assist me in gaining concise messages in a loving manner.

To read more on how I work,  sign up for your Introductory Tarot Welcome Kit to learn more about my methods.

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