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“I just received my reading from Susan Reed. WOW! What an amazingly talented and intuitive reader. My situation has to do with finding my passion in my career / career concerns. She was right with every card, work is going well even though a slug through it, I am with my current company for universal reasons, and I do feel much appreciated at work for what I do; even though what I do is not exciting. One thing that I really liked is – she did not discount a card that slipped out during her shuffle! As a very novice reader myself, I find that when the cards slip out they are trying to also say, hey don’t forget about me. Almost like a small shadow message in the overall reading. This made me felt she was very intuitive and dialed in to the universe and the cards. She also went out of her way to do and additional quick spread surrounding my talents, passions and outcome. This was also right on. I have a great deal of academic training (4 degrees!!) in fields that help people – psychology, mediation, paralegal, etc. What has always started out as a path to helping others has been sidetracked and road blocked in my life. I have been in the legal field for 15 years now and what started out as a burning passion to help people in one area of law (family) has now been dulled to work with boring and draining business contracts. I keep landing these jobs because my entire work tool box is filled with these skills and I become farther and farther removed from what I want to do – help people. In both of these spreads Susan either pulled – or it fell out – Justice Reversed. I feel this is the strongest message of all to me – it is time to leave legal (or at least this legal) and put my talents, skills and passions to work where it helps people – using my legal background or not. Now just to find my niche. Susan has helped launch a journey that has needed to begin for some time now and I thank her. It to find that thing that makes my soul sing, and follow the path that the universe has laid out for me since the beginning – now, I may be ready!


“I had my reading done by Susan Reed. I was expecting to have to wait a while for me reading but got it right away. The reading was wonderful and helped me understand a few things. I would recommend Susan to anyone. Once again thank you Susan you helped me understand a few things.” – D.


“Thank you for doing my reading for me.  I really appreciate the pictures.  I really love your positivity.  It comes through loud and clear.  It was great how you sent the pictures.  It helps.  And how you describe and interpret is very clear. You are bang on. Thank you for sharing your insights.  I really appreciated the reading.  Kind Regards.” – N.


“Thank you Susan for the reading and giving me a little insight to what is happening.” – A.


“This is super accurate. Thank you so much. You have hit details of issues we have had in the past so accurately. Thank you Susan this was amazing.” – L.


“Received my reading and opened it easily as word document. What a lovely reading full of encouragement! As I’m interested in learning the tarot too I appreciated the photos of the spread. A very comprehensive reading and thank you for the relationship reading also. I really resonated with your reading and what I loved about it, it was a positive, helpful reading full of encouragement that things are going to be OK. This is of course what I needed to hear. Thank you Susan and good luck with your increasing knowledge of the Tarot. You are obviously on the right track! Also I noticed you completed the reading in a short time frame which is really appreciated as an inpatient Leo! Regards.” – L.E.


“Thank you very much for doing a comprehensive reading for me and thank you for attaching the photographs of the cards so that I could get a feel of where what you said came from.”



If I’ve done a reading for you and you’d like to leave feedback, I have left this page open for comments so you can leave your kind words below.
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  1. Susan’s readings are personal, intuitive, and incredibly helpful. She shows a great deal of knowledge of the cards and ably relates that knowledge with an easy grace that can help anyone to understand how to improve their personal path. I highly recommend engaging her services to help yourself on your journey.

  2. The reading Susan did for me was very insightful and resonated deeply. It was a very helpful and encouraging reading and I came away feeling more confident in the choices I’m making. Thank you so much, Susan. I’ll be back for another very soon and often! <3

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  5. Susan’s intuitive gifts are undeniable and she shares her insights in helpful, open, and practical ways. An incredibly generous reader, she explored my question with both depth and presence, and offered a level of care and nurturing that set her reading apart as a truly healing offering. If you’re seeking someone to hold a beautiful space in which your deeper questions can be explored, I highly recommend working with Susan and allowing her to support you with her sweet and healing presence!

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