July 2017 TarotScopes & Crystals

Happy July!

We’re already 7 months into the year and what a strange one it’s been, right?

For this month, I’ll be using The Tarot Crystal by Philip Permutt and will share with you for this month based on your Astrological Sign. You can read these for your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign – or all three – to see what the month has in store for you.

If you’re unsure what your Moon or Rising Signs are, you can visit AstroLabe to have your chart pulled up for free.

Let’s check out what July has in store for you:


March 21 -April 19

Six of Wands

You’ve been working super hard lately and, now, it’s time to take charge of the situation that you’re going through and act in your best interest. For this month, you may feel the urge to inspire others and that is a going to fuel you. Be careful of having too much pride as you’ve become more illuminated and ignoring that there is still more that can be done. Use your momentum to keep pressing forward and don’t let yourself fall into a period of stagnation.

Crystal: Beryl is a wonderful crystal that will help you to keep the momentum you need to push forward and, also, a great stress reliever if things get to be too much. You got this, Aries!

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April 20 – May 20

Nine of Cups

Make sure that you take time out this month to show gratitude and thanks for what you already do have. Take a moment out of your day through this month to allow yourself to find happiness. While you may wish for more, it’s important to take stock of what you already do have. Take it slow this month to lessen complications and enjoy this month.

Crystal: Ametrine will help your sacral chakra so you can bring, to yourself, more peace and tranquility as you give thanks. It will also be beneficial in storing up energy for later when you’re really going to need it.

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May 21 – June 20

King of Wands

It’s important for you, Gemini, to stay true to yourself this month as you evaluate your next step. While your mind is calculating your next project or move, make sure that you take the proper time to work out the kinks in your planning. If you haven’t already started thinking of how you’re going to move forward, now is a great time to do so to evolve in your path.

Crystal: Indicolite will help you stay true to yourself and your plans as well as helping with your Crown Chakra. If you come across people that are trying to dissuade you from what you’re wanting to accomplish, keeping this crystal around will help give you faith in yourself and your creative abilities.

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June 21 – July 22

Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords is the card for you this month, dear Cancer. I’m feeling that you’re going through a bout of dark times and stress. Know that while it may be easy to allow your thoughts and emotions to take you over, you do have power and are strong. Make sure that you allow yourself plenty of sleep and relaxation. Even taking time to walk in nature for thirty minutes will help pull you out of this cycle.

Crystal: The Sunstone will be extremely helpful to you for the month of July as you pull yourself away from your thoughts. Try to keep your eyes on the future and not so much in the past and, with the Sunstone, you will be activating your Sacral Chakra to give you the boost you need to do so.

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July 23 – August 22

Ten of Cups

The month of July is going to be a fantastic one for you, Leo! The Ten of Cups is all about your happiness and fulfillment which are in easy reach for you during this time. You, also, seem to have a laser focus on your inner circle of family and friends as they create a safe space for you to accomplish the goals you’ve set out for yourself. Relish in this period of harmony and understanding as you are on the right path. Trust in your intuition and keep your heart open.

Crystal: The Angel Aura Quartz will do you well as you travel down this road and start new beginnings. As it activates your Solar Plexus Chakra, you will feel an intense sensation of harmony and love.

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August 23 – September 22

Page of Cups

While your sensitivity can be a gift, it can also be a drawback for you this month, Virgo. You have the talents and creativity you need to make your dreams become a reality and you’ll even surprise yourself of what you’re truly capable of as you start to see things differently. Keep in mind to journal how you’re feeling and take note of your perspective of the situation at hand. Sometimes, things aren’t as they first seem.

Crystal: To help develop and nourish your skills and abilities, the Actinolite will help open your Heart Chakra. The benefit from this is that it will help you take advantage of this quality so you can discern what is good for you and what isn’t for this month.

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September 23 – October 22

Seven of Pentacles

You are definitely on the right path, Libra, but there is still much work to do this month. The rewards are starting to show themselves from all the hard work that you’re doing. While the rewards have the temptation to pause right now, it would be in your best interest to keep moving forward. Take stock of what you want your next move to be and how you could get there but don’t forget – often times, the answer can be right in front of you.

Crystal: The Tanzanite Crystal will help activate your Crown Chakra to help connect with your spirit guides who are more than willing to help you on this journey. It will also help bring positive energy which will help for amazing outcomes.

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October 23 – November 21

The Lovers

It is important for you to follow your heart this month, Scorpio. It seems as though that love and forming a new relationship is on your mind. You’ll have a keen ability to evaluate the good and bad of any situation for that matter. While you move forward this month, you’ll come to a deeper understanding of your own value and will begin to feel that everything is coming together the way you’re wanting.

Crystal: The Rose Quartz will aid you, Leo, in being able to enhance your relationships, commitments, and connect you with love. If you have any difficulty making decision, the Rose Quartz will be a great way to help center yourself.

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November 22 – December 21

Queen of Cups

What a wonderful month July will be for you, Sagittarius! I’m feeling that what you’ve been wanting for so long is in your hands and that all that you need is coming towards you. Be careful of giving into doubt and allow your emotions to run as they want. While you are prone to being in tune with others’ emotions, don’t neglect your own and remember that self care is vital to your health.

Crystal: Activating your Brow Chakra with Malachite for this month will have amazing results for you. As you move forward and have this particular crystal, you will be able to heal deeply and bring a balance to your own emotions and needs.

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December 22 – January 19

The Star

Your confidence in your creativity and gifts are going to be amplified this month, Capricorn. I’m sensing that you’ve been working on something for awhile now and have wanted to do something life changing. However, you seem to be pulled in different directions as you may feel the urge to fix other peoples’ problems. While that’s a strong attribute to have, keep in mind that your dreams are important . To achieve the results you want, it’s best to choose and focus on one path so you don’t feel pulled in every direction.  It’s important to keep calm this month and don’t let others interfere with your own  happiness and goals.

Crystal: The Lapis Lazuli will be a wonderful took in your Crystal family to help activate your Sacral Chakra. While you have this Crystal, you will be able to arrive at solutions in a timely manner and organize like you want. You have strong goals and this crystal will help manifest your dreams into reality.

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January 20 – February 18

Ace of Cups

You have been struggling for such a long time now, Aquarius. The month of July is here to give you a break and know that good things are flowing towards you. The Ace of Cups is all about beginnings and, right now, you are open to love and happiness. Don’t be afraid to accept gifts that come your way or tapping into skills that you’re wanting to learn.

Crystal: With the abundance of good vibes headed your way, the Abalone Shell will help you as you’ll be able to see the beauty that’s all around you. It’s also beneficial in releasing any strong emotions you’ve been holding on to lately and allow you to move forward in relationships and creativity.

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February 19 – March 20

Knight of Pentacles

You’ve been working so hard to achieve your dreams, Pisces. The good news is that you do have rewards to you. However, you still have a way to go before you start to see the rewards from that hard work. Don’t feel discouraged, though! I’m feeling that the message for you is to stay consistent and responsible. If you need advice on how to accomplish your goal, don’t be afraid to seek out outside assistance to help gain clarity.

Crystal: The Blue Topaz will be a wonderful way to open your Throat Chakra for communication as you find someone to seek advice from. While this time may be frustrating for you, it is important to keep patience which is exactly what the Blue Topaz will help you with!

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