Intuitive Artists & Creatives Cave

Hello beautiful, creative soul!

I am so glad that you’re here! No matter how you come across us (by invite or came here by other ways, you are meant to receive this invitation to join the Cave with this fantastic group of like-minded Intuitive Artists and Creatives.

To RSVP and join the Cave, visit us at our FaceBook community: Intuitive Artists & Creatives Cave and request to join the group.

If you want to learn more what we’re about, keep reading…

If you’re here, you are meant to be here and are ready to bring your creative vision to life and make it a reality. Within the Cave, you will receive encouragement and support from other artists who are:

  • Tarot/Oracle Card Creators
  • Painters
  • Artists
  • Jewelry Makers
  • Writers
  • Poets
  • And any talent you can think of!

Welcome to the Intuitive Artists & Creatives Cave!!


The Cave is a community of creative, gorgeous souls who take ownership of their creative abilities.

We are passionate, dreamers, visionaries, and action takers to bring our thoughts to world.


The intentions for this group is to offer a safe haven from the noise of the outside world and a place where us heart-centered business owners can come together collectively to share our projects, goals, and passions without fear of judgment or unpleasant vibes.



To RSVP to the group, you can click here or the photo below

Looking forward to seeing you in the Cave!

Love and Light Always,