I take my Tarot Readings seriously and, as such, I have a code of ethics that I endeavor to meet during each reading.

My number one goal is to provide you with my services in a compassionate manner. I will strive, at all times, to provide you with the very best advise I am capable.

Your reading is a complete service in and of itself. Therefore, you are not required to invest in anything else from me.

The guidance I counsel you with via means of the Tarot is an option for you to use as you please. You ultimately have the free-will to make your best choice. In the end, you are responsible for the choices you make after the Tarot Reading is complete.

  • All readings are strictly confidential. They are stored securely on my computer and will not be discussed with or seen by anyone else. Also, your email address and any other personal details will never be shared with any third party.
  • For ethical reasons, I will not answer questions related to other people (such as what is he/she thinking or doing). But instead I will focus on issues that are directly related to you. Third party questions are not such things I am comfortable in reading.
  • I will not answer questions on subjects for which I am not qualified to give advice – ie medical, legal or financial. Example: Am I pregnant? I will not answer those types of questions.
  • I do not read for anyone under the age of 18 without the permission of their parent or guardian.
  • I will always endeavor to deliver messages from the cards in an honest, respectful and compassionate way, without judgement or prejudice.
  • Again, please note that you have the freewill to choose whether or not you want to follow this guidance and insight. I will not tell you what to do or what not to do – therefore you are responsible for your own actions following your reading.


Your email address and any other personal information that is shared with me will never be shared with a third party.

Your readings will also never be shared with anyone else. They are stored safely and securely on my computer.


With all my love,

Susan Moore