Do Emailed Tarot Readings Work?

The question posed today is simple: “Do Emailed Tarot Readings Work?”

The answer to that question may not be that simple and depends on who you ask. In my experience since reading Tarot, I would say that the short answer from my point of view is that, “Yes. They do ‘work'”.

We all know that, in life, that answers are rarely that simple.

The reason I say yes starts with one idea and that’s the intention behind giving the Tarot Reading in the first place. My intentions when any Seeker (or Querent) comes to me for help and wants me to read their cards for them is to do exactly that – help them. I strive to deliver to them an inspired and empowering Tarot Reading so that they can see where they can take control over their life. I work this way no matter the setting – Email, Face-to-Face, On the phone, or through a messenger.

The method that I work is by focusing completely on the Seeker’s energy and meditating with them (either at a distance or face-to-face) so I can go into the reading with a clear and focused mind.

How does an email reading work?

The key note to recognize here is that the intention and that focused energy where you’re connected with the Querent is an absolute must. When the Querent has sent me their message to invest in a reading, my focus automatically starts so I can be on the same subject. While I’m meditating, I form a connection with the Querent and do this in a quiet environment so I’m not distracted by things such as the television, cell phones, or other things that could take my attention away from the Querent’s situation.

By doing this, I not only receive information from the Tarot but also my Guides while I meditate and open the communications psychically with my Querent.

Are there benefits to an Emailed Reading?


When the Querent has typed out their question to me, that is a form of journaling which is a proven method to help with solving problems as you get a visual of the problem. With the ability to visualize the underlying issue, you’re actually getting to the root of the dilemma. While the Querent is writing their question, they have that time to process the issue that they’re wanting guidance on and what’s important to them. In turn, I’ll receive what they’ve asked and have the opportunity to sync their thoughts and mine.

Another added benefit is that you can save the delivered reading directly to your device and can revisit it in the months to come to see what was accurate and how it helped you in the future. The Querent doesn’t have to worry about catching all the information in one go and risk it to become forgotten forever as the document is safely stored on their computer or device. When I deliver a Reading to a Client, I do so as  PDF which is printable so they have the option to print it and put it in their journal if they so wish.

One more benefit that I would like to cover is that if the Time Zones of the Tarot Reader and the Querent are different, it really doesn’t cause an issue. The Querent can send their question in at any time that the Reader has available and will be able to receive their answer within a specific time. For example, through my Etsy Shop, most readings will take less than 24 hours to complete while some take more. Each Reading has the estimated time in which the Querent can expect their reading to be delivered to their email or whatever method is most convenient to them. Communication is vital when the relationship between the Tarot Reader and the Querent is formed.

How would the Querent order a Tarot Reading?

Every Tarot Reader is different and have a variety of methods in which the Querent can order a Reading from them. Personally, I have set up an Etsy Shop where I offer a variety of Readings. It is advisable to make sure that your question is as specific as possible so that the answer will be clear. Ensuring that you’re relaxed and take your time, you’ll be able to focus exactly on what you want to ask the Tarot Reader.

It’s also easy to order a Reading through FaceBook Messenger as there is a payment option available with messenger. Technology is pretty sweet, don’t you think?

Can I visit your Shop and request a Tarot Reading?

I would love to work for you and I’m honored that you would reach out to me for a Reading. The Readings I offer at my Etsy Shop are above.


I’m a Tarot Reader and would like to explore writing Emailed Tarot Readings. Where do I start?

Learning how to write an emailed Tarot Reading is a great addition for your business. It can be a bit overwhelming when you’re first starting out and I’ve created a Free 5 Day E-Course Series delivered right to your email over a course of five days. In the course, I’ll cover topics that will help you build a solid foundation and the course includes:

  • PDFs
  • Workbooks
  • Video Tutorials
  • And so much more!

You’re absolutely welcome to join us by filling out the form below and I look forward to seeing you in class!


Are you sure there’s no risks involved with Emailed Tarot Readings?

As I’ve said before, every Tarot Reader is different and there are quite a few out there.

One risk that I do feel is that some may want to use a script to use instead of writing out the messages that they receive. They may have different reasons to do this such  as they think it saves time.

While it may save time, I feel that using scripts are not good for me, my business, or the clients I serve. From a personal viewpoint, I would much rather look at the messages in the Tarot as well as the ones I get from my Spirit Guide to convey the Reading to my Clients. And, of course, there are some who charge extra for curses which is something I never partake in.

When a Querent invests in a reading from me, that’s all they need to order.

Overall, it really boils down to the intention that you have behind the reading itself. As the Querent, if you are ever unsure about a Tarot Reader or Psychic that’s struck your interest, don’t hesitate to email or message them your questions.

As a Tarot Reader, the best advice I can give is to be prepared to answer those questions the Querent has and always serve those who come to you with an open mind, clear focus, and compassion. If you have any questions for me and how I work, please don’t hesitate to email me at

I would be happy to answer any and all questions you have about the Tarot Readings I offer, the Writing Course, or anything at all.

Thank you for stopping by my website and wishing you all the best!

Love and Light Always,



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