Create Your Own Oracle Deck Journal

Let me ask you a question: Do you want to create your own Oracle Deck?

Have you always wanted to but kept getting stuck or asked yourself these questions:


I get it and I’ve been there. It is a daunting task to create your own Deck – whether it’s a Tarot or an Oracle Deck.

Last year, I had it in my mind that it was now or never – my Tarot Deck was going to be created. Before that, I had told myself that it was too confusing and I had no idea where to start. Basically, I was giving myself these excuses to keep putting it off…

And putting it off…

Until one day, I said – “I got this. I can do this.”

I started off with writing in my journal what I wanted my Tarot Deck to look like and what my vision was exactly. That led to the creation of The Attunement Tarot Deck. Tarot is a different than an Oracle Deck in the sense that a Tarot Deck is a (traditionally) 78 Card System that’s comprised of 56 Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana Cards. So, I had to make a choice of what I wanted that to be exactly and what it was that I was connected.

First, I started with the Major Arcana and wrote down which cards I wanted those to look like.

And, when I saw my concept for the Major Arcana in front of my very eyes – the fire under my ass was lit and I moved on the Minor Arcana. I have a passion for poetry and words, so I wanted my own Tarot Deck to have that ‘poet’s heart’ vibe to it.

With that in mind, I chose what my suits would be:

  • The Suit of Resourcefulness
  • The Suit of Resilience
  • The Suit of Realization
  • The Suit of  Reflection


For a straight 24 hours, I worked like a mad woman to create my very own Tarot Deck. A year later, I still use my self-created deck for readings for clients and the connection I feel with these cards is remarkable because they are a part of me and my soul.

You see, once you actually see these cards being created that came from your soul, your vision – well, you just keep going. And that’s exactly why having a journal is so important. An Oracle Deck is different than a Tarot Deck in that it doesn’t have any rules. You don’t have to stick with the same system and you could have 22 Cards or 36 if you wanted. This is YOUR VISION!

You’ll start SEEING your vision instead of it just being a thought locked away in your mind.

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The Create Your Own Oracle Deck Journal will help you turn your dream to hold your Oracle Deck that YOU Created in your hands a REALITY.

This Journal is for those who have always wanted to create their own Oracle Deck but aren’t sure where to start or what to focus on.

That makes sense and it can be overwhelming when the dream is just that at the start but, with The Create Your Own Oracle Deck Journal, you’ll be able to draw the concept for your art, the direction you are wanting to go, and make progress in your creative journey!

It’s a proven fact that if you write down your goals, you have a higher chance of seeing those goals carried through.



But with The Create Your Own Oracle Deck Journal, you’re doing more than writing down your goal. You will have two spaces to write the keyword concepts that you want for your Oracle Card. The Giant White Space is for YOUR drawing, picture that you found that you find inspiring, and the ability to see your vision come to life before your eyes!

Why Is It Vital To Draw/Sketch/Gather Photos Of The Concept?

It is setting your goal for the Oracle Deck that YOU want to make. Setting goals is essential for success and that includes Oracle Deck Creation.

You will have more clarity on the direction you’d like to go and won’t get stuck.

Wait a minute…


That’s a great question! Did I mention that I’ve included 36 Oracle Card Prompts to get your creative juices flowing?!

I got your back, my friend!

Now. let me ask you…

Are YOU ready to finally put pencil to paper and start creating your own Oracle Deck? I’m here to help you do just that! The “Create Your Own Oracle Deck Journal” has tons of goodies in it to help you on this fantastic journey:You can order your digital download for the Create Your Own Oracle Deck Journal for instant download and the pages are in A4 Format so you can easily print them off from your computer or print shop!

Order your journal today and start creating some magic with your own Oracle Deck that YOU created!

Why Say “Yes” and Get Your Copy Today?


That’s Right!

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Here’s what Vanessa had to say about the “Create Your Own Oracle Deck Journal”

“I absolutely love this! It has definitely helped me be more creative. I love that there is a list of prompts to help the drawing process. She answered all my questions and even went beyond customer service expectations when I was having trouble downloading. I will definitely be purchasing again! Thank you!” -Vanessa Moya


Listen. I believe that you can do this and create your own, tangible Oracle Deck.

The real question is, do you believe in yourself? I feel that you, down deep, do and you should.

You got this!

Love and Light Always,