August 2017 TarotScopes & Crystals

For August, I’ll be using The Tarot Crystal by Philip Permutt and will share with you the overall Tarot Card and Crystal based on your Astrological Sign.

You can read the TarotScopes for your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign – or all three – to see what the month has in store for you.

If you’re unsure what your Moon or Rising Signs are, you can visit AstroLabe to have your chart pulled up for free.

Let’s check out what August has in store for you.

Tarot Card and Crystal for August

Six of Wands

You’ve been working so hard this year and you are finally starting to see progress as the foggy backdrop begins to disappear. The Tarot Card that was drawn was the Six of Wands and that represents the energy surrounding this month and it’s important to remember that, though, things are progressing, don’t get overly confident.

Now is the time to take control of the situation and not get too prideful. There is still much work to do but, as you start taking a more dedicated path, you’ll start seeing how easily everything is falling into place. Take this month to really prepare for the goals and projects that you’ve set out to do.

Crystal: Beryl will be a fantastic crystal for all Sun Signs to keep around for this month as it opens up your Brow Chakra. By doing this, you’ll find that you’re more open to the peace, transformation, and being able to pay close attention to the details without getting too wrapped up in them. 

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March 21 -April 19

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords was pulled for you this month, dear Aries. I’m feeling that you’ve had a rough go of it this year and may be finding it hard to trust those around you. I’m getting the message that this month, you’re finally going to say enough is enough and break this pattern. As you end this cycle, you’ll be starting anew and things will start looking up. Don’t get too upset this month and focus on keeping yourself together. While the things that have happened may hurt, be careful of getting lost in your own thoughts. You do have the power to overcome your problems and pains.

Crystal: To help you this month get to a place of peace, Aragonite will help clear your Solar Plexus Chakra and the answers you are looking for are becoming extremely obvious. You will also need patience as you’re ending this cycle and starting a new one. With the help of the Aragonite crystal,  you will be able to harness that patience that you need.

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April 20 – May 20

Seven of Pentacles

You are progressing in your goals and getting closer to them each day, Taurus. You do still have much work to do and it’s important to not spread yourself into too many directions or you could lose focus on the bigger picture. Take this time to really think of what you’re wanting to accomplish to move forward and do so in a careful manner. For this month, don’t be too lazy or too active – look for that ‘Goldilocks’ zone of just right and balance.

Crystal: Fluorite will help you on your path and opening your crown chakra. This crystal is beneficial in helping you gain the focus and clarity you need as you bring more positive energy in your life. It can also help bring more success into your life as you make your dreams a reality.

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May 21 – June 20

Three of Cups

For the month of August, Gemini, you have finally gotten to a point where you can breathe and have a bit of fun. You may feel compelled to organizing a party or even. Don’t be afraid of asking for help while doing this even if it is tempting to do it all on your own. August is a good time for you to start coming together with those closest to you and embracing teamwork. You may even make new friends along the way!


Crystal: Watermelon tourmaline  will be a great stone for you this month as you welcome in help from your friends and, also, attracting new ones. Not only will you be welcoming in these people with this crystal, you will also be welcoming in more fun and love into your life.

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June 21 – July 22

Two of Cups

Relationships are very important to you this month, Cancer, but there is one that may  especially on your mind. The spark that you ‘re feeling is mutual and on the same wavelength as far as a mutual want to receive and to give. You may even feel that this potential partner is your twin flame as their presence frees you from negativity and emotional shortcomings. Whether this person is new in your life or an existing part, you will start feeling your reservations being disappearing.

Crystal: Rhodocrosite is an excellent crystal that will help open your sacral chakra and start forming those closer, more intimate bonds with your potential partner. It will also help you release any built up energy that is needing to be freed.

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July 23 – August 22

Four of Swords Reversed

You’ve been wanting to take a moment to relax for awhile now, Leo, but may haven’t had the time to do so. For August, it’s time to stop putting this important aspect off and do something to spoil yourself. I’m feeling that you’ve got so many responsibilities that are restricting you from taking the time you need to self care. You will need that positive energy as you’ve been working hard and, now, it is an ideal time to review what is and what isn’t working for you. Even taking five or ten minutes a day to meditate or walk in nature would be amazingly valuable for you.

Crystal: Last month, the crystal Charoite was recommended to help open your Heart Chakra and, this month, it is still a wonderful crystal to add to your collection to continue working on opening this chakra.

As you take these moments you are needing to relax, Charoite will help bring clarity to your mind and a sense of calm to your body. Make sure that you do use your time to analyze what’s been going on and healing yourself.

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August 23 – September 22

Five of Swords Reversed

August may be a bit of a tough spot for you, Virgo, as you’re trying to gather your thoughts. If people are doing things that aren’t for your greater good and speaking towards you in an unkind manner, know that there are going to be times that you can’t please everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that you should let people hurt you. Boundaries are important to set this month so you won’t allow these negative vibes to affect you and what you’re wanting to accomplish.

With the Five of Swords Reversed, I’m feeling that this has been going on for awhile and that you may be at that point where you’re ready to put an end to this.

Crystal: Hematite is an amazing crystal that will help open your Throat Chakra as you set those boundaries and communicate with people those boundaries that are non-negotiable. You may find that you’re able to express your thoughts and ideas clearly with the Hematite in your possession.

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September 23 – October 22

Six of Swords

I am feeling that this month for you, Libra, that you may have some obstructions in your path but you are a master at knocking those blocks out of your way. While you’re pressing forward, remember to do so with caution. Take note of your surroundings and you will be to accomplish any blocks or barriers in your way.

If you’ve been thinking about taking a small getaway to recharge and clear your mind, this month would be an ideal time to do so in order to take stock from an introspective point of view.

Crystal: Chaleopyrite will be a very useful stone as you continue pressing forward in opening your intuition as you clear your Brow Chakra. By opening this chakra and your intuition, you will see that your path is illuminated as you move forward to a place of peace, patience, and perceptiveness.

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October 23 – November 21

Ace of Cups

You may be feeling an overflowing amount of abundance, love, and creativity for this month, Scorpio. I’m also sensing that any skills or talents that you have may be reawakening and a fire has been lit in you to pursue these old loves could come to the forefront. I’m feeling that you’ve got quite a lot of energy this month and, with all that energy, it is important to stay grounded and keep a healthy balance within yourself to avoid draining all that energy too fast.

Crystal: Abalone Shell will help your Base Chakra as you work on all of your goals and passions so you can actually have that moment where you stand back and appreciate the beauty of what it is you’re creating. Having passions is important but make sure you take the time to really appreciate what it is you’re producing or the relationships that you may be forming.

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November 22 – December 21

Knight of Pentacles

I’m feeling that you may have been super focused in your work, Sagittarius, and you are making good, solid progress. You do still have quite a way to go but it will be worth it in the long run as you’re taking you achieve your goals. The Knight of Pentacles can either mean that you or someone that you could reach out for help is particularly grounded and responsible as well as consistent in their work. These qualities will do you well for August.

Crystal: Blue Topaz is a lovely crystal that will help open up your Throat Chakra as you communicate what it is that you’re wanting in the long run – the bigger picture. Now is the time to ensure that clear and concise communication is utilized and, with the Blue Topaz, you’ll have a powerful ally on your side if you encounter any complications.

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December 22 – January 19

Queen of Cups

As I look at your card for this month, Capricorn, I’m feeling the overwhelming (in a good way) sense that all that you’re wanting is finally coming your way. Whatever your heart desires, you can get as the power is in your hands for the month of August. You may feel sensitive to the emotions of others and it will be imperative to keep your Brow Chakra and intuition in balance so you’re not weighed down. Allow your emotions to be felt and you may find, as you do, that you will have a desire to help heal and inspire those around you.

Crystal: While feeling and allowing yourself to feel all of these emotions is a good thing, it’s recommended that you add Malachite to your crystal collection to help keep those emotions in balance. You will be able to go on your path in confidence  as your Brow Chakra is opened and on the way to becoming balanced with this crystal.

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January 20 – February 18

The Lovers

You may be called to follow your heart more this month in both relationships and passions, Aquarius. You will be able to tell and distinguish between the good and the bad of the situations that you’re encountering which will enable you to overcome any moments of conflicts or arguments. I’m also feeling that you’ve been working extremely hard on both your working and personal life. You may be starting to see the true value of yourself and those around you which is making you feel more complete.

It’s important to be mindful this month and continue looking at things that may happen from a balanced viewpoint. You could be called to commit to something in a more long-term manner and, for once, this idea doesn’t seem as scary as it may have in the past.

Crystal: Rose Quartz is a gorgeous crystal that will help open your Crown Chakra to develop these commitments and relationships for your greater good. While balancing this Chakra and the energy with Rose Quartz, you may start to feel more connected to love and peace.

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February 19 – March 20

Seven of Pentacles

All of the hustling and hard work that you’ve been doing is finally starting to pay off and you’re beginning to see the rewards, Pisces. However, be careful and don’t let a brief pause that may come take you off your stride. I’m feeling that, while you may have a moment’s pause, use that time to start planning your next stop so you don’t lose your momentum. If you encounter any trouble about what to do next, remember that – most of the time – the answer is staring you right in the face.

Crystal: Tanzanite will help you in opening your Crown Chakra and connecting you with your spirit guides as you look for answers on what you should do next. As you allow the help to come, you will also be bringing in more positive energy so you can enhance the outcome.

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Love and Light Always,

Susan Moore

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